Treatment Sarongs

Ready to half your washing costs and time for your salon or spa?

A great alternative to using towels, sarongs are both practical and beautiful. Perfect for Hamman or mud treatments. Fits over entire couch or can be used as a diagonal runner across the couch.

Made from natural cotton and dyed with local products these sarongs are one of the most traditional south-east asian artefacts you could hope to find.

Using sarongs to connect with your client reduces spa washing and drying costs as you can fit so many more in one wash than towels. Even if you still want to use your fluffy towels we would advise the client has the sarongs touching them and then the towels over the top. 

Classic Designs
A stunning accent of colour for your treatment rooms our sarongs are finished by hand supporting local craftsmen and a cultural practise handed down the generations for over 1000 years.

We can provide bulk discounts to wholesale customers. We're committed to supporting your Spa Salon business both practically and financially. Contact us for more information.

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